If you dream about owning a Tesla, these 20 startups totally back you. Each of these cleantech companies is connected to building a clean energy future, either through innovation for electric vehicles (EVs), EV charging, transportation, solar power, energy storage, or energy management.

“People think of Tesla as an eclectic car company but the whole purpose of Tesla was to accelerate the advent of sustainable energy.” – Elon Musk

If you look at Tesla’s website, it’s not just about watching their latest model race down rugged California coastline. Tesla now rolls up EVs, battery storage, and solar all under the same roof.

With Tesla, Musk is essentially building the new model for energy companies, combining utility-scale power generation and control technologies with more localized distributed generation for consumers and businesses.

AngelList recently featured solar software startup Sighten on its list of startups disrupting “unsexy” trillion dollar industries. It’s true that a space dominated by 100+ year old utility, gas, and coal companies isn’t necessary “sexy” but disrupting that landscape with better, cleaner technologies definitely is.

Here are 20 companies making that clean energy future happen.

1. Future Mobility Corporation (FMC)

Santa Clara · 501-1000 Employees · Series A
Building full electric cars from the ground up.

2. Proterra

Golden · Series E
Zero-emission vehicles that enable bus fleet operators to reduce operating costs and deliver clean, quiet transportation to the community.

3. Sighten

San Francisco · 11-50 Employees · Series A
The New Energy Operating System

4. Advanced Microgrid Solutions

San Francisco · 11-50 Employees · Series B
We’re building a more efficient, more resilient, electric grid.

5. OhmConnect

San Francisco · 11-50 Employees
Replacing power plants with software

6. Carbon Lighthouse

San Francisco & New York City · 51-200 Employees
Actively managed energy service

7. eMotorWerks

San Carlos · 11-50 Employees
Innovative time-shifting algorithms to reduce costs, prevent grid congestion, and make EVs cleaner.

8. Voltus

San Francisco · 11-50 Employees
Less energy, more cash.

9. kWh Analytics

San Francisco · 11-50 Employees · Series A
Solar Risk Management
Open Roles

10. FreeWire Technologies

San Leandro · 11-50 Employees · Series A
Energy solutions and industrial IoT for the built environment.

11. EVmatch

Santa Barbara · 1-10 Employees
Airbnb for electric vehicle charging

12. Particle

San Francisco · 51-200 Employees · Series B
The full-stack Internet of Things platform. Connect your devices to the web.

13. Wunder

Boulder & San Francisco · 11-50 Employees
Building the renewable utility of the future

14. Autogrid Systems

Redwood City · 51-200 Employees
Enabling a Smarter Energy Internet

15. Genability

San Francisco · 11-50 Employees · Closed
Energy Savings Platform for Solar, Storage, EV, IoT, Utilities

16. Elemental Excelerator

Honolulu · 11-50 Employees
We fund $1M to companies in energy, water, agriculture, resilience, and transportation

17. Powerhouse

Oakland · 1-10 Employees
Where Intelligent Energy Entrepreneurs Succeed

18. Aclima

San Francisco · 11-50 Employees
Aclima designs and deploys sensor networks that advance environmental awareness.

19. Swiftly

San Francisco · 11-50 Employees · Seed
Changing transportation, mobility, and cities through better data
Open Roles

20. Evenergi

Sydney · 1-10 Employees
Creating the future electricity platform for electric vehicle drivers

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