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Bisoprolol, marketed under the tradename Zebeta among others, is a medication most commonly used for heart diseases.
Common side effects include headache, feeling tired, diarrhea, and swelling in the legs.
Bisoprolol was patented in 1976 and approved for medical use in 1986.
1 Medical uses
2 Side effects
2.1 Cautions
3 Pharmacology
3.1 Mechanism of action
3.1.1 β 1 -selectivity
3.1.2 Renin-angiotensin system
3.2 Pharmacokinetics
4 Society and culture
5 History
6 References
7 External links
Medical uses
Zebeta 5-mg oral tablet
Bisoprolol is beneficial in treatment for high blood pressure ( hypertension ), reduced blood flow to the heart (cardiac ischemia); congestive heart failure, and preventive treatment before and primary treatment after heart attacks, decreasing the chances of recurrence.
Bisoprolol can be used to treat cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, arrhythmias, ischemic heart diseases, and myocardial infarction after the acute event. Patients with compensated congestive heart failure may be treated with bisoprolol as a comedication (usually with an ACE inhibitor, a diuretic, and a digitalis -glycosid, if indicated). In patients with congestive heart failure, it reduces the need for and the consumption of oxygen of the heart muscle. It is very important to start with low doses, as bisoprolol reduces also the muscular power of the heart, which is an undesired effect in congestive heart failure. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (November 2015) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message )
Side effects
Overdose of bisoprolol leads to fatigue, hypotension,
Beta-blockers should generally be avoided in people with a history of asthma or bronchospasm as they may make the disease worse.
Mechanism of action
Bisoprolol is cardioprotective because it selectively and competitively blocks catecholamine (adrenalin) stimulation of β 1 adrenergic receptors (adrenoreceptors), which are mainly found in the heart muscle cells and heart conduction tissue (cardiospecific), but also found in juxtaglomerular cells in the kidney.
β 1 -selectivity
Selectivity of various β-blockers
Bisoprolol β 1 -selectivity is especially important in comparison to other nonselective beta blockers. The effects of the drug are limited to areas containing β 1 adrenoreceptors, which is mainly the heart and part of the kidney.
Bisoprolol has a higher degree of β 1 -selectivity compared to other β 1 -selective beta blockers such as atenolol, metoprolol, and betaxolol.
Renin-angiotensin system
Bisoprolol inhibits renin secretion by about 65% and tachycardia by about 30%.
Bisoprolol has both lipid- and water-soluble properties.
Society and culture
Bisoprolol is available as a generic medication.
Bisoprolol was patented in 1976 and approved for medical use in 1986.

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