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Additional information about the drug Allopurinol

Zyloprim is the brand name of the drug allopurinol, which is used to treat gout, high levels of uric acid in the body (often caused by certain cancers and cancer treatments), and kidney stones.
The medication may also be used to treat seizures, infections, and pain caused by pancreas disease.
It is sometimes used to improve survival after bypass surgery, prevent rejection of kidney transplants, or reduce ulcer relapses.
Allopurinol is a type of medication called a xanthine oxidase inhibitor.
It works by reducing the production of uric acid in the body.
It comes in the form of an oral tablet.
Allopurinol Warnings Your doctor will likely start you on a low dose of allopurinol and gradually increase it.
It may take several months before you feel the full benefits of this medicine.
Allopurinol may increase the number of gout attacks you experience during the first few months you take it, but it will eventually prevent the attacks from occurring.
You should tell your doctor if you have any of the following conditions before taking allopurinol: Liver disease Kidney disease Diabetes Congestive heart failure High blood pressure Are pregnant or breastfeeding Are receiving chemotherapy drugs Allopurinol can decrease the number of blood cells in your body that make blood clot and that help you fight infections, which can make it easier for you to bleed from an injury or get sick when exposed to others who are ill.
You should avoid being around people who are sick or have infections while taking this medicine.
See your doctor regularly while taking this drug.
Your blood may need to be tested to check your body’s reaction to the medication.
BasicDescription Back to Top Allopurinol Side Effects Some less serious side effects of allopurinol may include: Vomiting Diarrhea Drowsiness Headache Muscle pain Changes in sense or taste Serious Side Effects of Allopurinol Call your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following serious side effects: Fever, sore throat, and headache with a severe blistering, peeling and red skin rash Any sign of skin rash, no matter how mild Nausea, upper stomach pain, itching, loss of appetite, weight loss, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice Pain or bleeding when urinating Urinating less frequently or not at all Joint pain or flu symptoms Easy bruising, unusual bleeding, or purple or red pinpoint spots under the skin Severe tingling, numbness, pain, or muscle weakness Back to Top Allopurinol Interactions Since other medications may interact with allopurinol, tell your doctor about all prescription, non-prescription, illegal, recreational, herbal, nutritional, or dietary drugs you are taking, especially: Azathioprine (Imuran) Chlorpropamide (Diabinese) Cyclosporine (Gengraf, Sandimmune, Neoral) Mercaptopurine (Purinethol) Antibiotics such as ampicillin (Principen, Omnipen, others) or amoxicillin (Amoxil, Augmentin, Trimox, Wymox) Blood thinners such as warfarin ( Coumadin ) Diuretics (water pills) Should I Avoid Any Food, Drink or Activity While Taking Allopurinol? Avoid drinking alcohol while taking allopurinol, as it may make your condition worse.
Allopurinol may impair your thinking or reaction time, so you should be especially careful when driving or performing any activity that requires you to be alert.
Your doctor may advise you to follow a special diet to help treat your condition.
Allopurinol can cause a severe toxicity syndrome: eosinophilia, The indications for use of allopurinol rather than probenecid for Indications for allopurinol include tophaceous gout, gout com- Renal function is not necessarily adversely affected by an increased Abbreviations: CPPD, calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease; PMN, polymorphonuclear leukocytes.

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