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Xeloda – Capecitabine – 500mg – Cancer

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Additional information about the drug Capecitabine

Capecitabine 500mg – xeloda “Cancer, Chemotherapy, Breast Cancer”
Capecitabine is a prescription medication used to treat breast cancer and cancer of the colon or rectum. Capecitabine belongs to a group of drugs called antimetabolites which work by interfering with DNA production, stopping cells from multiplying.
This medication comes in tablet form and is usually taken twice daily, within 30 minutes after the end of a meal.
Swallow tablets whole. Do not cut or crush tablets.
Common side effects include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and mouth sores.
DPD is the enzyme responsible for breaking down capecitabine in the body. Some patients lack the DPD enzyme. If you lack or have less of the DPD enzyme, you may be more likely to experience side effects more quickly or severely once you begin treatment with capecitabine. Tell your doctor if you have ever been told you lack the DPD enzyme.
Your doctor may decide to temporarily or permanently stop treatment with capecitabine depending on the severity of side effects. There are no exact dosing guidelines based on the results of any particular DPD test.
A series of capecitabine analogues containing “an easily hydrolysable radical under physiological conditions” has been claimed by Fujiu et al. (U.S. Pat. No. 4,966,891) and is herein incorporated by reference.

  • Efficacy and safety of low-dose metronomic chemotherapy with capecitabine in heavily pretreated patients with metastatic breast cancer.
  • Chemotherapy medications: Folic acid may raise the amounts of 5-fluorouracil and capecitabine (Xeloda) to dangerous levels in the body.
  • Phase II studies have shown that the use of single-agent chemotherapy (with gemcitabine, capecitabine, or 5-fluorouracil) in the palliative setting can be beneficial.
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