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Additional information about the drug Bisacodyl

Dulcolax 5mg – Bisacodyl “Constipation, Laxative”
Bisacodyl relieves occasional constipation and irregularity.
Bisacodyl belongs to a group of drugs called stimulant laxatives. It works by increasing activity of the intestines to cause a bowel movement.
This medication comes in tablet form and is typically taken once a day as needed, with a full glass of water.  Do not use bisacodyl within 1 hour after taking an antacid or milk.
Do not chew or crush tablet(s). Swallow tablets whole.
Bisacodyl also comes as a suppository and is typically given once a day as needed.
Bisacodyl also comes as an enema that is given per rectum once a day as needed.
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  • Bisacodyl can be used as tablet, suppository or as enema.
  • Dulcolax contraindications Contraindication can be described as a special circumstance bisacodyl generic name bisacodyl mag citrate kit bisacodyl tabs x 5 mg bisacodyl ysp bisacodyl or a disease or a condition wherein you are not supposed to use the drug or undergo particular treatment as it can harm the patient; at times, it can be dangerous and life threatening as well.
  • Dulcolax (bisacodyl) laxative tablets (not suppository or stool softener, you will need 3 tablets for the prep ).
  • Where To Buy Bisacodyl Online

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